SB#721 – Cutting Edge Business Brokerage and M&A Office|

Celebrating 20 years of leadership with a sterling reputation in the South Bay, the owners of this Business Brokerage/M&A Firm have decided to retire.

Business owners throughout the Bay Area know and respect this office for years’ of sound advice, assistance and follow-up for successful business sales. This office has closed transactions with local, national, and even international clients.

This boutique office is situated for the future with cutting edge remote access work environments and cloud-based systems. The business can operate from anywhere while having a well-connected, real-time collaborating team. Agents are diversely experienced and highly qualified, operating throughout the South Bay Area. A physical main office provides professional space for agents to meet with clients, and to house materials, equipment and the technology needed to run the operations. Company is positioned to attract top clients through it’s high-quality reputation, large network and web-search dominating SEO.

With an exceptional and multi-skilled Office Manager/Executive Assistant remaining in place, business operations and marketing campaigns are tightly managed. This frees the owner to direct attention toward fostering current deals, prospecting for new listings, and growing the business.

The new owner will be able to transition smoothly with the remote-access, cloud-based systems and an online, self-paced training program in place. In addition, the previous owners will remain to support the new owner in closing transactions and training new agents.

Controllable hours, a strong income and the ability to be selective with clientele make this career in Business Brokerage a welcome change for a licensed real estate professional.

Business Listing Data Sheet

Business Listing Data Sheet for SB#721 – Cutting Edge Business Brokerage and M&A Office (Filetype: PDF)

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Basic Details

Listing #SB721
BrokerJoan Young
General LocationCalifornia
Revenue Details2019 Projected
Adjusted Net/SDE (Seller's Discretionary Earnings)$408,724.00
Adjusted Net/SDE Details2019 Projected
Hours of OperationMon-Fri, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Employees1 FT, 4 Agents
Business Owned Since2000
Reason for SellingRetirement
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